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Pressed for Time

A project by: Stephen Harris

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Thanks to you, and over 100 alumni who supported the herbaria following our mailing appeal last year, we are now 40% of the way to digitising all the legume specimens in the herbaria.

This will enable new discoveries to be made, such as the fossil roots that provided new evidence of plant root development during research undertaken by Professor Liam Dolan and researcher Sandy Hetherington.

It will provide new data for DPhil students such as Henry Hung, whose research explores how current and future climates relate to genetic and adaptive changes in Dalbergia rosewood trees in SE Asia, which have been the world’s most illegally trafficked product.

It will also enable researchers in other disciplines to search the collections for non-plant materials, such as a sample of henna that related to research by Dr Kate Bennett from the English faculty: https://www.plants.ox.ac.uk/article/digitisation-beyond-sciences.

Please follow us on social media - you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - to find out more about the collections, and how legumes are being used, and please do spread the word using your unique supporter URL.

If you have a story like Kate’s, or would like to provide a quote about why you think the digitised herbaria is important we would love to hear from you so we can share it! 

Thank you!