Vision and value

The University of Oxford engages some of the brightest and most innovative people in the world. OxReach was designed as an enabling tool for this community; it was designed to help students, academics and staff translate the ideas they are passionate about into reality. OxReach has supported 6 projects so far, and we have learned a lot. At the moment, we are deciding how best to support community fundraisers, and we may be able to do this as effectively within the Development Office website. If an Oxford student, academic or member of staff has an initiative that falls between the silos of research and commercialisation funding there may be support available from the Development Office to enable the progression of their ideas. The OxReach platform offered a formal but easy to use infrastructure to leverage personal, professional and University related networks to gain funds for their innovative, entrepreneurial or high impact projects.

How it works

Project owners should visit the ([Development Office website] ( and contact the relevant Divisional fundraising team. Project ideas will be judged on their suitability, impact potential, future goals and the commitment demonstrated by the team behind them. If given the green light then the project can start fundraising. Oxreach projects were required to achieve a minimum target by a set completion date. It is hoped that by using the Development Office channels, projects can be funded without that risk. Donors can still give online and the University will distribute the funds to the respective project.

OxReach Team

Dr Sarah Deakin Project Manager, Oxford University Innovation
Dr Philippa Christoforou Project Manager, Oxford University Innovation
Claire Grainger Senior Marketing Executive, University of Oxford Development Office

Other funding sources

If you have an idea for a commercial enterprise, then we recommend that you engage with the New Venture Support and Funding Team at Oxford University Innovation. This team manages the University’s Proof of Concept Fund and will be able to advise you further. Please contact Adam Workman (