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Greater Change

A project by: Alex Mccallion


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This project received pledges on Sun 10 Dec 2017

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Good luck! Special shout-out to the brilliant and incomparable dynamic duo of Rosalie Baxter and Carys Miller for all their hard work in raising money and spreading awareness.


Great idea!

Awesome idea, I hope it's a success! Let me know if you're looking for developers at some point down the line :) Marko

Great effort Alex. Congratulations.

Alex, Great job and progress in this project : really impressive ! Good luck with the next stages Love Lynn, Nick & Esme

Very imaginative and inspiring. Well done.

I think this is a brilliant project and so much more positive than giving cash when you don't know if the person is genuinely homeless or perhaps going to spend it on drugs or alcohol. I hope it really takes off as I'd love to see it operating in my home city of Chester someday.

Best wishes with what sounds like a great project

Alex Mccallion - thank you for having this cool idea. I hope it will go from strength-to-strength. Good luck!

Great project. I've often thought something like this is necessary. A lot of people want to give but know that giving change directly doesn't usually help (and can fund addictions, which continues the cycle of poverty and homelessness). In Bradford we have Streetwise whereby if you encounter a street homeless person you can ring a number and a support worker will come out and offer practical guidance (eg towards a night shelter/advice etc). I wish you all the best with your scheme. Sally Sutcliffe (St John's 1983-7)

Great initiative!

Quite excellent. Well done.

This is an excellent idea. I work in Oxford and see the same homeless people every day there and in my home town of Reading. I want to help and want to know my help will be used appropriately. I really want to support this project!

Hope the venture works - next step: more effective local and national policies to deal with the whole problem. This is sellotape but hopefully better than nothing. The key is education (lifelong) of the homeless and the homed.

What a fantastic project. Congratulations and look forward to seeing the results.

Good luck from a Jesus alumnus

This is an excellent idea. If the public can be assured that the money they give will be constructively spent on important needs, such as accommodation and food, then they will be more likely to donate.

Well done, Alex. Keep up the good work.

Homelessness troubles me greatly so it is great to see and be able to support a project like this - thank you! Wishing you every success. I hope you are able to roll it out country-wide eventually.

Innovative - can we monitor its progress?

I saw this on an alumni email. What a great idea. Good luck.

Great project, good luck!

Having read the alarming statistic that 61 people are registered as rough sleepers in the affluent city of Oxford, I am delighted to make a contribution to this excellent scheme. Keep going - and maybe we can shame our City Council into doing more too!

Brilliant initiative

This visionary project has been developed with real understanding of the best way to transform life for homeless people. I'm very proud to be supporting it. Thank you Alex and Aspire for your commitment.

Thank you everyone for your very kind comments and donations! It is really encouraging to see such enthusiasm for the project from everyone! This project will be able to make a real difference in a very visible way so it is wonderful to have your support in making this happen. More comprehensive updates coming soon! Please do keep sharing the project with those you know so we can keep the momentum going. @Duncan Taylor thank you for the suggestion. We have been in touch with many of the JCRs and a few of the Chaplains and they have all been very helpful. I will send you a message with a more comprehensive answer!

Wonderful project. Really -best of luck. The desperate plight of homeless people needs a real solution and I hope very much this will be a success. The local council in Oxford's track record to date to support this vulnerable group in our community is woeful and I am angry that we have to look to provide solutions where they are failing. So I wish you all the very best - please keep up the good work - the project is innovative and potentially sustainable and scalable and hopefully will provide hope for a new quality of life to a lot of people.

Such an amazing idea and project! All the best of luck and look forward to seeing it as full reality in the near future. Simply Genius!

A superb idea to both help and humanise in what can be a deeply dehumanising experience.

Wonderful initiative. Good luck to its success. I worry so much about our homeless people on Oxford's streets and what more we could all be doing to help. Thank you for setting this up.

Excellent idea. The homelessness in Oxford is staggering now, one only has to do down Cornmarket Street at 8.00am each morning to see that. This will allow people to donate in the knowledge it is actually helping the people.

This is a great idea and could really make a difference to those living on the streets of Oxford or wherever. Well done Alex and keep up the good work.

We're gonna make this work!

good luck!

Really excellent work which deserves to succeed

Wonderful idea! I wish you every success with this (with the hope that it succeeds to the point of obsolescence).

Good luck. Have you thought of contacting JCRs at Ox colleges ? And the chaplains ?

I think this is the most fantastic initiative. Good luck raising more funds.

Good luck Alex!

I see the Homeless of Oxford as part of my Job but can't help everyone so feel powerless Hope this little helps.

I am crossing my fingers for you Alex. Best of luck.

I stumbled upon this by chance... I think it is an absolutely amazing idea. It is so hard to know what to do with giving to the homeless. The lady in the film lives near me in Jericho, brilliant, utterly brilliant.

Good luck, persevere.

Great idea. Wishing you well.

Wonderful idea - good luck with reaching your target.

great idea! good luck with implementing it!